The simple step-by-step program to detoxify your body, jump-start your weight loss, boost your energy, and enhance your health.

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7-Day Detox Drop

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  • This program contains all the guidance you need to cleanse safely and efficiently.
  • You get the 16-Page Quick-Start Detox Instruction Manual to answer important questions concerning:

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7-Day Detox Drop

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Thousands of people have banished their bloat, lost inches around their waist, and transformed their bodies in just 7 days. Don’t take it from me, have a look at what some of our clients are saying about their 7 day reset...

I truly enjoyed the 7 day detox diet! The food was delicious and easy to prepare and I have to admit I enjoyed the break from the gym! :) I lost 9 lbs but felt like I had lost about 20! I have kept some of the recipes in my weekly rotation and now always start my mornings with warm lemon water! Thank you so much for this program! I have done detox cleanses before that were purely smoothies/juice and I felt so deprived! But this program was much more practical. I will probably do it at least once a year!

Brittany Tackett

“ Hi! I'm a college student from Quebec and I have struggle with my weight since such a long time! When I was 15, i droped out some weight and even more at 16 before my prom! But after that, I hit a plateau... And I still! After the Hollydays, I had a very bad time in my personal life! Wasn't feeling good, wasn't eating well... I gained 5 lbs!! I was so depress! Well a day, I was scrolling my instagram feed and I saw the 7 day detox drop post! I read the symptoms of intixified body and I immidiatly recognize myself on it!! So I took my credit card and I bought it! I seriously loved it! There was a lot of cooking, but it was simple and the meals were ssooo yummy!! I just followed it all the week long! And I droped 3 lbs!! I was so happy with the results! And more, I wasn't bloat anymore and I was feeling sexier! Ahaha I continu to use some of the receipes of the plan! Personaly, I really love the shrimps! Thank you a lot Morelli for all your dedication! I really love the shrimps! Thank you a lot Morelli for all your dedication! I read each of your mails with excitement!! Thank you!! ”

Florence Bergeron

As a scientist, i only like to follow plans that are sound and makes sense, and this one did. I started the detox saying i would follow it to the tee and i did. I LOVED IT. 7 days later, i feel energized, clean and most of all, i don't crave unhealthy foods .. i crave a green caribbean smoothie for breakfast with extra spinach. I have in fact incorporated some of your recipes into my regular daily diet ! These elements alone have made me one happy customer, and to add to my satisfaction, i lost 7 pounds within those 7 days.

I plan on following the 10-day detox next in a few weeks from now and will gladly write another review :)

Thank you for a great program, i absolutely love your work and dedication !

Jessica Gorgui, MSc

With being in the 7 day detox drop o noticed alot in my body. I wasn't bloated all the time, I didn't have heart burn, and the recipes were easy! I use the recipes alot. When I was on the detox I lost a total of 9 pounds and highly recommend it and other of your things to my friends n family. You are awesome!

Angela Acevedo

The 7 Day Detox Diet helped me so much! I'm so glad I decided to go through with it. I honestly had fun with it, even being a student-athlete and always on the go, I stuck to it every step. I felt lighter, more energetic and even after I was done with it, I would cook similar yummy recipes and I even got some friends and family into it. I totally would do it again! Thank you so much.

Angelina Nester

The seven day detox has me feeling great, I lost about 9 pounds and most importantly stopped over eating at every single meal. The biggest impact It had on me was just feeling cleaner and being able to say no to junk food for the first time in a while. I usually say yes because I don't think about the consequences but I needed this to get me on track. I play basketball in college and started post season conditioning this week so I had to add a lot more food back into the menu really quickly so that's hard. My energy levels are picking up though and I feel great!

Thank you so much! I appreciate everything you and your programs stand for! Keeps me very motivated, I'm looking to completely change my habits and I think you're the guy to help.


I loved the 7 day detox! I quit smoking cigarettes right before Christmas and had gained about 6 or 7 lbs. I eat healthy and work out with the 7-day detox drop volume 2 but just couldn't seem to get rid of the weight. I kept seeing the detox in my instagram feed so I decided to try it out. I'm sure glad I did! My first weigh in was 131.8 and my final weigh in was 124.4! Not only was I excited about losing the weight, I was challenged to try new things on the detox. I'm very picky when it comes to food (especially vegetables) so I knew I was going to have to go into this with an open mind. Through this detox, I learned that a lot of the things I thought I didn't like to eat were actually pretty tasty. I'm glad I chose to do this!

Leah Federchuck

The 7 Day Detox Drop not only cleared up my skin, but it also helped clear my organs of toxins. I could feel my body cleansed from built up toxins. I didn't realize how much I needed the detox until after I had completed it. I had far more energy than I ever have before. I even slept better! That was a very nice surprise. I loved the 7 Day Detox Drop and have recommended it to many family members and friends, including my mother and grandmother. Awesome detox and so worth it!

McKenna Vernon

I just finished 10-day detox and I have lost 3.5 kgs. The food is great and very tasty, did not even believe that it will work at first. BUT IT DID. Thanks to you. Now I have just ordered your custom meal plan yesterday. Haven't started it yet, since some are cannot be find here in Vienna, so I will spend sometimes look for alternatives, but really looking forward to it though.

Thank you once again for the great program.


Kitsiri Kaewpipat